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Quality of life is an important topic to consider in choosing a senior home care service provider. Community Care believes that an essential part of maintaining a high quality of life into one's golden years is the ability to continue to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle. That means the freedom to continue to pursue ones interests, hobbies and social life. Sure there are unique challenges that old age presents, but these challenges may just require a little help from a caring companion. That is why Community Care offers a wide variety of activities which companions can accompany, assist and empower their senior clients in participating in. The scope of activities available for seniors to pursue is as broad as the interest base of our clients. They range from exploring community resources such as visiting local museums, art galleries, parks, zoos and theaters, to engaging in social settings such as fraternal lodges (Elks Club, Odd Fellows, Optimist Club, etc.), bingo nights, fundraising galas and societal dinners, to pursuing hobbies such as lifetime sports, bird watching and board games.

Health benefits of living an active lifestyle as a senior citizen.
An active lifestyle is conducive to a healthy mind and body. In addition to the enjoyment and satisfaction which activities can bring to enhance an elder's lifestyle, there are numerous physical and mental health benefits. Participation in activities which involve light exercise or moderate walking can promote muscular and bone health by maintaining muscle mass and skeletal strength. Furthermore, a routine of incorporating mentally stimulating activity can help to exercise the memory and mental faculties of the senior. This may be a simple way to address the early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia through cognitive exercise and the promotion of exploration and learning. It is important to note that the illness affecting the mind are typically more complex and less understood than other ailments, and that Community Care does not claim to be medical experts on these conditions. However, the sense of belonging, enjoyment and engagement found in living an activity filled lifestyle is therapeutic to all walks of life.

Quality of life consists of more than just maintaining health.
A high quality of life is more than just assuring physical health; moving beyond simple existence to spirited involvement in one's community is a right our seniors deserve. While physical well being is certainly an important concern for any age group, especially those older citizens whose health is more fragile, it should not be one's only focus. A sense of community is essential to truly maintaining a full and thriving lifestyle. Your loved one should enjoy access to community and civic resources such as public parks, museums and libraries. Elder citizens should have the ability to safely pursue their hobbies and interact with social peer groups. Sadly many seniors live relatively lonely existences in their golden years. This is particularly true if the senior has outlived his or her spouse. The effort needed to safely transverse public roads or transportation systems in order to participate in social, intellectual and civic activities is often an all too daunting endeavor to a lone senior citizen. Community Care seeks to enable and empower seniors to continue lifelong learning and exploration with the assistance of our dedicated home care professionals. Companions can drive seniors to and from social outings assisting in the entry and exiting of the vehicle if needed, aid in remembering appointments, and generally be there to share experiences and participate in your loved ones interests and hobbies. A companion doesn't just simply facilitate a less hazardous existence, they empower seniors to thrive!

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