Background Checks

It is all too often that a caregiver takes advantage of a caretaking situation. At Community Care we are very cautious and conscientious of whom we hire and employ. We perform nation-wide background investigations on each of our employees. These investigations include a nation-wide criminal database search, a National Sexual Offender registry search, as well as the Anti-Terrorist (Patriot Act) search. Community Care performs a Social Security trace for all of our employees to check that they are registered with the Department of Social Security, and that the Social Security number they provide to us is theirs. Because our staff may drive clients to appointments and shopping, we do a motor vehicle records search for points, infractions or violations.

Community Care performs a credit profile to make sure there is no history of credit problems, because, when there is desperation, there may be theft. If that is not enough, three professional references and three personal references are also required and are contacted by our investigative team. For any employee who has lived outside of the United States, a similar background check is performed in their respective country. This thorough background check is not only performed at pre-employment, but is on-going every 6 months for as long as the staff member is employed by Community Care.

Although nothing in life can be 100%, we believe our process comes as close as it can get. At Community Care, the integrity of our staff is of utmost priority.

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