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Our care-matching system profiles caregivers and clients and matches them on 5 points of compatibility including:

1. Care Needs. This category takes into consideration the needs and requirements of the client's physical condition compared to the caregivers' education, experience and confidence. Our caregiver's are agency tested and must satisfy certain requirements in order to be considered qualified to work with clients requiring a high degree of care. Clients requiring specialty care would include those: with Alzheimer's, in Hospice, undergoing intensive physical rehab, etc.

2. Personality. Achieving harmony is greatly impacted by the personalities of those living in the home and we match caregivers to the personalities of the client and family. Our caregivers take a personality assessment and from this we are able to determine their best-fit. During the client intake and follow-up assessment by Community Care, clients are also asked questions to help determine their personality preferences so that we can best match clients and caregivers on components of personality.

3. General Interests. When you have someone living in your home it is important to feel comfortable with them. Nothing builds comfort faster or better than shared interests. To help facilitate this we inquire about client and caregiver interests and keep both parties informed about the possible connections they have so that as they are getting to know one another they have various points of interest to discuss and act upon. This results in living/working environments that both parties can look forward to. When this occurs, the continuity of care increases reducing client stress.

4. Personal Preferences. At times there are personal preferences that one finds out about only after care has been initiated. These situations can be awkward and frustrating for all parties and we go the extra mile to avoid them by asking clients detailed questions about their preferences in care; and by providing our caregivers detailed information about their assignments so that they accept ones they are competent and confident to take on.

5. Availability. Our goal is to provide the best matches for the greatest continuity in care. Therefore we commit to matching clients and caregivers whose needs and availability match for the long term. Community Care anticipates the need for urgent staffing situations and has caregivers on staff to handle emergency situations. These caregivers present as such allowing Community Care's staffing team the opportunity to find the ideal caregiver candidates for our clients.

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