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Today's training isn't just for practical care nurses or those who work in nursing homes. Community Care caregivers are trained properly in order to offer the client they care for the best care possible. An increasing number of individuals are taking care of an elderly parent or parents or someone in their family who is disabled. This are the people who are frequently unprepared for their role as caregivers and are surprised to learn just how stressful and complex the role of a caregiver in the home can be.

At Community Care our Home care training programs created by health care professionals now provide a way for these individuals to learn the techniques they need to provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment for their client. Our in house home care training programs cover a wide range of topics of concern to the typical in-home care provider to ensure the comfort and health of both the care recipient and the provider.

Typical subjects covered may include:
1. Personal care techniques, including proper bathing techniques and lift-and-carry techniques.
2. Recognizing early warning signs of health issues and illness as well as how to check basic vital signs.
3. Respecting the dignity and boundaries of the patient.
4. How to meet the physical and nutritional needs of the person being cared for.
5. Emotional support and wellness issues.
6. How to locate and take advantage of local resources for both the care giver and the individual being cared for.
7. Special-needs issues such oxygen use, wheelchairs, and caregiving for the bedridden.
8. Maintaining health and well-being as a caregiver.

These courses give our care providers a solid background in what to do to make their client more comfortable as well as giving them the confidence many lack when they begin caring for a client. The proper training can make an enormous difference. In fact, good home care training can be the difference between a client being able to maintain relative independence in their own home and having to go to a nursing home facility.

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