Hourly Care

Our Hourly Caregiver will come to the senior's residence, hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility and assist her or him according to the personalized care plan and time frame agreed upon.

. Service is billed by the hour as needed or requested.
. Our professional caregivers provide customized services to suit the client's needs
. Some clients require light assistance once, twice or several times a week
. Clients may request an occasional 24-hour Caregiver
. The minimum amount of time is three hours per visit twice a week
Whatever your needs are, we are dedicated to providing quality care at a reasonable rate.

Respite Care
Respite is requested time off for caregivers. This provides our professionals with a much-needed break in order to take care of personal business and avoid physical and emotional exhaustion. Respite is also a time for family members, caring for a loved one, to get a good night's sleep, a weekend away, or a week of vacation and to recharge.

Respite care services provide time off for family members who care for a loved one. Community Care provides certified caregivers for planned temporary, intermittent, substitute care, and allowing relief for a family member, taking care of the client. Respite care is essential for anyone taking care of a loved one or client. Let our professionals provide the well-deserved break you or your caregiver need.

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