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Introduction to in-home senior care hygiene assistance. The mourning routine of getting out of bed, bathing, and otherwise preparing to take on a new day can be a more than a simple set of thought-free tasks for an elderly person. The fact is that bathrooms are often the site of household accidents and injuries for senior citizens. The typical household bathroom is ill equipped to meet the specialized physical needs which develop as people age. Slippery wet surfaces can greatly increase the risk of falls. Hard tile floors and countertops can compound the consequences of such falls. Such bathroom falls often result in major bruising, fractured bones and sometimes even concussions or serious head trauma.

Community Care's in-home care professionals can make your loved one's bathroom a safer place through risk assessment. Community Care can make the bathroom a more senior-friendly environment. Our caring trained professional companions can assess the risks your loved one's bathroom poses and install practical precautionary measures such as hand railings next to bathtubs and on walls near sinks and toilets. We can replace old worn-out floor mats with new slip resistant versions and install slip resistant surface treatments to bathtubs and shower floors. Companions can replace burnt out light bulbs and check the power supply chords for fraying and unsafe wear on curling irons, hairdryers and other personal hygiene appliances to prevent electrical and fire hazards. Your loved one's companion can clear rooms of obstructions to prevent them from becoming tripping hazards for our elderly clients. Companion's can launder towels washcloths to conveniently maintain a sanitary and pleasant bathroom environment.

Dangers of bathroom falls, learn the startling statistical truth. According to a Fox News survey, over a third of independently living senior citizens over the age of 60 have great difficulty safely entering and exiting the bathtub unassisted. The survey also concluded that the majority of seniors interviewed, over 70 % admitted to using unstable support structures such as glass shower doors and towel rods to study themselves. Since neither shower doors nor towel rods were designed to support a person's weight, many seniors who cling to them to enter and exit while bathing suffer dangerous bathroom falls. Companions can mitigate this risk by being there to support a senior and ensuring that properly installed cling bars and railings are present in the shower for support. Don't let your loved one suffer from a fall which is easily preventable.

An extra set of steady hands for the morning routine. In home aides can assist with areas of hygiene which present particular challenges to seniors. Your loved one's in-home companion can be that extra set of steady hands to help style and curl her hair or shave his face - preventing curling iron burns and razor blade cuts commonly suffered by seniors with shaky motor skills. Companions can also ensure items [link to Shopping Page] such as denture cream, soap, toilet paper and shampoo are on had and easily accessible to your loved one. We can be a reminder to clean dentures and can keep up on hearing aid maintenance, such as replacing batteries. No task is too small or menial for a compassionate companion care giver to assist your loved one with.

These are just a few of the areas which in-home care ides can simplify and improve your loved one's life through hygiene assistance services. Let us help make your loved one's morning routine a safer and more convenient way to welcome in the new day.

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