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Community Care can assist with your light housekeeping chores. The daily household chores which comprise such an essential part of everyday life can be a source of difficulty and frustration in one's latter years. As we age and our memory, vision, hearing and motor skills dull, the tasks that were once simple or routine can become a heavy burden. Furthermore, our once neat and tidy household environment, when in disrepair, can become a source of many unforeseen health and safety hazards. The assistance of a companion in the daily routine of keeping up on light housekeeping tasks can prove to be a rewarding investment in your loved ones quality of life. Companions can clean bathrooms and kitchens, wash windows and mirrors, prepare meals and clean dishes, vacuum, dust (especially in places less accessible to the elderly, such as high shelves and mantels), retrieve mail and newspapers, keep up on yard work and any other everyday household task.

Community Care's in-home care professionals can offer much more than what you can expect from the average maid or housekeeping service. Such services may do a fine job of cleaning a home, but they often do not consider the particular needs of older clients. Housekeeping services will not likely look for the potential safety hazards that abound in the home. Nor will such services likely be concerned with the inventory of commonly used items, which is an issue for older citizens whose memory is not what it was in their youth.

Mitigating common household dangers. The aide can make the home an overall safer environment by mitigating common household dangers. A caring professional companion will go beyond the daily tasks associated with keeping a neat and tidy home to initiate preventative measures to ensure the safety of your loved one and his/her home. Keeping up on the periodic maintenance requirements of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by replacing batteries and their checking functionality and replacing burnt out light bulbs and household fuses will go a long way to mitigating the risk of serious injuries from fire or affixations. These preventative measures may go neglected by an elderly couple, a lone senior homeowner or older apartment tenant due to the need to use a stepladder or simply due to a lapse in memory. In the winter months an aide can clear walkways and driveways of ice and snow to avoid falling hazards. Community Care can also install wheel chair ramps on the exterior stairs of a house, enabling previously home-bound seniors to enjoy the freedom of mobility.

Our aides can also approach building supers or contact maintenance professionals to perform furnace and water heater inspections or contract repair work on broken appliances. This can reduce the risk of your loved one being victimized by scammers as the elderly are often the targets of fraud.

An aide can offer friendly reminders and manage tasks related to housekeeping chores as well. Aides offer friendly reminders concerning items to add to one's shopping list. They can keep an inventory of the cleaning, cooking and personal hygiene items and serve as a memory aid for a senior who is composing his/her shopping list. Companions then can either drive the senior around town to run such errands as grocery shopping or they can take the list and complete the shopping for the senior.

Aides don't just simply clean; they also care about the overall welfare and lifestyle of their clients. An aide develops a relationship with a client taking an interest in his or her daily life. This trust-centered rational goes beyond the expectation of excellence in the quality of work (housekeeping or otherwise) to truly be a friend and companion.

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