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The average senior citizen's healthcare management requires taking a variety of different medications each with their own set of instructions and interactions. The task of simply keeping track of what medications to take and when can be more than some elderly patients can handle. As a result, it is not uncommon for the elderly to not receive the full benefit of their prescribed medications.

Medication assistance and reminder services offered by Community Care. An in-home aide can be a friendly and helpful reminder of which medications his or her senior client needs to take and when. A companion can alert your loved one's primary care physician when a particular medication is out of refills and drive the senior to and from doctor's appointments, the pharmacy, and other vital health related errands. Your loved one's companion can separate medications according to the time of day they are directed to be taken (as per the pharmacy or physician's instructions). This can prevent confusion as to which medications have already been taken for the day and what has yet to be administered. Let Community Care take the burden of managing an elderly relative's medication requirements off your shoulders, creating one less thing to worry about in your busy life.

Dietary and medication requirements go hand in hand. Community Care can manage the dietary restrictions which many medications require to work properly. For seniors who are diabetic, companions can assist the senior in taking his or her blood sugar levels. Your loved one's companion in-home care provider can also prepare meals and snacks which conform to the specific dietary requirements which come with managing diabetes. Such mindfulness of both the medications and dietary restrictions prescribed by your elderly loved one's primary care physician are an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle into one's golden years. Since so many medications are designed to work in the context of a carefully regulated diet, the medication assistance which your elder's companion provides works in conjunction with the meal preparation service.

Other areas in which companions can offer friendly reminders. Reminders can cover other areas of life as well. There are many areas in life where we can use a little help remembering things. This is especially true for senior citizens. A companion can offer friendly reminders for a wide variety of daily tasks. While reminders concerning medications may be the most common, our caring in-home care professionals will be glad to assist in whatever memory needs your loved one has. Some examples of how a companion can assist his or her senior client with remembering important information includes keeping barber and salon appointments, making it to pre-planned social outings, and remembering birthdays and other special occasions.

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