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How Community Care's meal preparation services can benefit your elderly loved one. Meal preparation is an essential part of everyday life. This task can be far from simple to those individuals who are elder in years. A solution to the problems seniors often have in cooking meals is to have a dedicated home care professional do the cooking for them. Aides can mitigate this challenge and much more with their meal preparation service.

Companions can do all of the grocery shopping for a senior. They can prepare, cook and serve meals taking into consideration all dietary requirements. Companions are conscious and considerate of both dietary restrictions prescribed by a physician to control blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or other medical conditions, and those requirements that may be a part of religious practices such as kosher foods, avoiding pork products or observance of lent. Since many medications require the patient to take with food, meals are the natural times for companions to remind seniors of to take their medications. In this way medication assistance and meal preparation services offered by Community Companions work hand in hand.

Household falls in the kitchen are a major danger facing our elders. Companions can prevent some of the most common sources of injury to seniors, kitchen related accidents. We don't often stop to think about it, but the kitchen is perhaps the most dangerous room in a house. Seniors are at particularly high risk of falling victim to the perils of the kitchen. Every year over 12 million seniors are treated in the emergency room from kitchen related burns, falls and other hazards. Falls in particular result in over 5,000 senior fatalities each year. Spilt liquids, such as milk or water, can prove to be devastating slipping hazards to seniors. In addition to life threatening injury, falls constitute a major source of hospitalization for older individuals, resulting in broken bones, blood clouts and other serious medical conditions. This means the prevention of falls should be a major concern for the well-being, safety and health of your loved one. Companion home care cooking assistance can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a fall impacting the life of your loved one.

Senior citizens are at high risk of suffering from kitchen fires without the assistance of a responsible in-home elder care provider. As senses such as eyesight and hearing diminish with age, older citizens are more likely to make mistakes in setting oven and stovetop temperatures, hearing timers or reading meal preparation instructions and recipe cards. The shakiness and reduced motor function common in aging individuals can result in spilling cooking oil and grease onto the heated surfaces of a stovetop. These issues put seniors at high risk for starting household fires in the kitchen. Sadly the consequences of such fires all too often are not limited to mere property damage. Kitchen fires have the startling potential to seriously injure or kill occupants of the residence.

Gas leaks from poorly maintained stoves and ovens are a real danger to the elderly. Such falling and fire hazards are far from the only safety issues associated with seniors in the kitchen. Un-serviced or neglected gas ovens and stoves can become a real asphyxiation danger. But a gas stove doesn't have to be in disrepair to cause such a deadly problem. Stoves that are left on but not ignited can leak deadly and flammable gas into a home. Seniors are at an increased risk of such an accident, as they are more likely to have unreliable short term memory and may turn the gas dial on and forget to light the burner.

Consequences of food poisoning are much greater for seniors. Food poisoning is another real kitchen hazard which seniors are at an increased risk of encountering. Undercooked meat or spoiled dairy products can harbor harmful bacteria. The immune systems of the elderly are not as effective as those of younger individuals at dealing with bacteria. This means that the elderly are not only at a higher risk of unwittingly undercooking or using harmful ingredients in meal preparation, but if they do make these mistakes, they suffer greater health consequences than do younger people.

The assistance of a responsible in-home care provider can prevent all of these real and not uncommon kitchen dangers which your loved one may be particularly susceptible to. Aides and Companions offer more than just practical services; they offer a peace of mind which is priceless.

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