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You're in the right time, right place, right market. Learn why now is the time to become a Referral Associate with Community Care Companions. Community Care Companions fills a huge need that grows exponentially every day-one that will keep on growing! Just look at some of the numbers:

. In January, 2008, the first Baby Boomer turned 62.
. Every eight seconds after that, for the next 18 years, one of the 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 will turn 62.
. The 65+ demographic now represents 12.6% of the American population-that's some 36 million Americans, or one in eight people.
. That number is expected to swell to 71.5 million by 2030, to 86.7 million by 2050.
. Most Baby Boomers expect to need some form of long term care as they age.
. 44 million Americans provide care to older family members.
. Nearly 3/4 of them spend 22 hours each month helping with basic living activities like transportation, shopping, managing finances and cooking. You are uniquely positioned to help us positively impact the lives of people all across the country-and to earn a significant income while doing so!
. Depending on where you live, it costs from $3,000 to $5,200 a month to reside in an assistant living facility.
. If dementia care is needed, add to that another $750 to $2,200-each month.
. On average, it costs $75,000 a year for a private room in a U.S. nursing home.
Community Care Companions provides live-in and live-out (hourly) medical and non-medical health and companion care for half to one-third of the cost of traditional nursing homes-and helps older Americans live out their years in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Statistics from the MetLife Mature Market Institute at

Need extra income? Here's an exciting and easy opportunity for you to earn a substantial and recurring passive income.

. Without working nights and weekends.
. Without selling pricey gizmos, gadgets or 'miracle' products.
. Without building and supporting a massive down-line.
. Without investing your hard-earned money and valued free time.
The concept is simple: help us tap our market; reap rich financial rewards.

Community Care Companions, a nationwide leader in medical and non-medical in-home healthcare and companion services, is pleased to present a ground-floor opportunity for you to reap financial rewards simply by helping us tap the huge market for in-home medical and non-medical elder and rehabilitative care services. All you need is a background and connections within our market, a desire to help people by providing a needed, valuable and life-changing service, and the ability to help us spread the word by distributing our materials to people in your network - people you already know and work with every day. People working in or involved with:

. Nursing homes
. Hospitals
. Private practice medical offices
. Ambulatory surgery centers
. Rehabilitation facilities
. Social agencies
. Geriatric care centers
. And more

If you're in connection with firms or individuals who serve or know aging Americans or their children . you're in connection with our target market! The list above represents the institutions and people you're likely in contact and do business with every day. It also represents our primary market: people who need (or who work with those who need) in-home medical and non-medical services - a less costly, more life-empowering and highly desirable alternative to traditional short - and long-term elder and rehabilitative care.

No selling involved. Just pass out our promotional materials and collect your checks. Earning a substantial second income has never been so simple! As you'll soon understand, earning a substantial additional income is easy when you partner with Community Care Companions. Simply become a Community Care Companion Referral Associate, distribute our brochures and other marketing materials to your existing network - and collect a commission on every billable hour of service those materials help to generate! If you are a motivated individual, please feel free to contact us at 888-886-2433.

You can also fill out our Online Referrals Form below or email at:

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