Respite Care

Introduction to respite care services. Acting as the primary care giver for and elderly parent, grandparent or other loved one is a difficult undertaking. Often these primary care takers go unappreciated, and are under recognized by their siblings and other family members. It is a task which requires great patience, compassion and self-sacrifice. We at Community Companions commend the hard work and devotion that these extraordinary individuals willfully undertake everyday. However, the care of a senior is a burden which is best not shouldered alone. Community Companions offers a respite care service which can provide much needed support and relief for those who have committed to the care and well being of their aging loved one. A companion can provide compassionate and professional in-home care on a supplemental basis. This allows for the primary care giver to invest in him/her self the time needed to reinvigorate their resolve to serve their loved one and reestablish a balance in one's personal life. Preventing unmanageable strain on the primary care giver's other relationships.

Caring for an elderly family member can put a dreadful strain on one's other relationships. It is admirable to be so devoted and honoring to an elder family member, to willingly sacrifice and give of your time and efforts for their benefit. However, there is a real risk of that self-sacrifice damaging your other relationships. Without a means of getting away from the constant supervision of a dependant elder, your relationships with your spouse, children, other family members and friends can become strained, or faded. This means that allowing someone else to come in and assist you with the responsibility of senior home care is a vital service. Companions can allow you the time you need to invest in your other relationships and lead a well balanced life yourself.

Taking time for yourself as a primary caregiver. Primary caregivers need to take time for themselves. In order to be able to give to another person, you must also be prepared to take time to recharge. It can be a terribly taxing endeavor to be responsible for an adults every need. Your own mental and emotional stability can suffer if you don't take the time to unwind and relieve yourself from the stresses of the day. A build up in stress can physically detract from a person's health, possibly taking a toll on your immune system, creating drowsiness, and sometimes impairing your good judgment. If you as the primary care provider become ill, you run the risk of unwittingly endangering your loved one. Furthermore, people in general are less patient when under consistent pressure, and patience is an essential virtue when providing for elder care.

A companion can give you time to catch up on your other responsibilities. Primary caregivers need time to take care of other responsibilities that may have been neglected in order to focus on an elderly loved one. It ids important to remember that just because you have assumed responsibility for another, dose not mean that your other responsibilities will disappear. A huge challenge for primary care givers is dealing with the facts and realities of life that they have had less time for since undertaking the caregiver role. A companion can afford you the time to deal with your own personal responsibilities by sharing in the everyday responsibilities of caring for your loved one. Remember that you do not have to take on this responsibility unassisted. You will find that the help of a companion can greatly increase the quality of life both you and your loved one can enjoy.

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