Challenges the elderly face when shopping. One of the consistent challenges in the lives of elderly citizens which often is overlooked is the shopping for basic necessities. As supermarkets and department stores increase in size and become more generalized in scope of services offered, they are becoming less friendly and accessible to senior citizens. Just take a moment to recall your last trip to a large "Super-sized" merchandise retailer. Your shopping experience likely included a considerable amount of walking throughout a large building somewhat reminiscent of an industrial warehouse in square footage and product organization. You likely did not readily find all of the products on your list without backtracking through isles, searching for a store directory, or asking a store clerk for assistance. Then when you went to check out and pay for your purchases, the experience undoubtedly entailed scanning the multitude of closed check out lanes for the one or two which were servicing customers, followed by 15 to 20 minutes of standing in line. Finally, how far did you have to tote your purchases to get to your parked vehicle? Now imagine going through this not untypical shopping experience as a senior citizen.

Picture yourself walking that distance with a walker or cane. Imagine searching for products with failing eyesight and moderate to sever hearing loss. What if you were physically unable to stand on your feet for more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time? How pleasant and manageable would a shopping trip be if you had to deal with the ailments your loved one lives with everyday? The answer to these questions is a resounding "not very enjoyable." Yet these are the realities that face your loved one.

Community Care's shopping assistance. Let Community Care relieve that stressful experience. We empathize with the fact that all too often our world is set up to accommodate only the younger generations of citizens. Our in-home elder care professionals will sit down with their senior clients and compose shopping lists, take inventory of frequently used items such as toiletries and cooking supplies, clean out refrigerators and pantries of expired and/or spoiled food products, and do the shopping for your senior delivering the products to them at home. This makes for a pleasant and convenient method of replacing the everyday necessities.

Reduce the risks of fraud and traffic accidents associated with elderly running errands such as shopping. Companion shopping services can mitigate risks and free up time to pursue hobbies and keep in touch with family and friends. Winter weather presents a special challenge to the shopping experience for seniors. The frigid air temperatures and ice packed ground pose as dreadful health hazards to older citizens. Pneumonia, influenza and even common colds can be deadly to those in their senior years. Braving such conditions on a regular basis in order to shop for household products increases your loved one's chances of falling ill. Likewise, falls on icy surfaces can fracture bones and cause bruising and deadly blood clouts in the elderly. Companions can completely prevent such incidents from occurring during a shopping run with careful supervision or removing the need for the senior to go out altogether.

Should your loved one enjoy shopping as a method of recreating and socializing outside of the home; companions can drive them to and from errands, carry purchased products, load and unload vehicles and generally safeguard the your loved one throughout the shopping experience. Having a companion accompany your loved one on shopping trips can deter dishonest merchant and pick pockets form targeting them. Seniors are often targeted for fraud, assault or other crimes because of their relative inability to defend themselves. However, while accompanied by a companion, that helpless image is greatly decreased. Let our dedicated in-home care professionals turn the burden of the shopping experience into a pleasant and safe outing for your loved one.

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