Skilled Nursing

. Pediatric Home Care
Community Care provides home care for medically fragile children with very complex medical problems. Our nurses specialize in pediatrics. Nurses are trained on medical equipment specific for the pediatric population. RN supervisors monitor each case to ensure that the client's needs are met and adequately addressed in accordance with the physician's order. The Continuous Quality Improvement team addresses all issues and concerns and implements corrective actions as needed.

. Skilled Visits - Wound Care
Community Care provides state of the art wound care and other treatments. Chronic wounds are routinely assessed to determine effectiveness of the treatment. Nurses communicate their findings with the primary care provider to determine if changes in the treatment are necessary.

. Skilled Visits - RN Assessment
RNs are available to provide critical assessment of client condition. Assessments include monitoring vital signs, checking surgical sites, monitoring for signs of infection, medication assessment, and checking for any signs and symptoms of disease and abnormalities.

. Medication Teaching + Monitoring
RNs and LPNs are available to perform medication administration, teaching and monitoring. Client's medications are reviewed and an easy to follow schedule is developed. Side effects, contraindications, and special considerations are reviewed, and easy handouts are given to the client for their review.

. Skilled Visits - High Blood Pressure (HBP) Management
RNs and LPNs are available to provide assessment, monitoring, and treatment of HBP. HBP management includes monitoring vital signs, medication teaching and monitoring, and other interventions as directed by the physician.

. Mother-Baby Visits
Community Care has a cluster of dedicated highly-trained nurses available to perform visits within 24-hours of discharge to assess the newborn and the mother in order to detect problems. Our nurses provide necessary teaching, reassurance, and support to mothers during this critical time.

. Oncology Care
RNs and LPNs are available to provide nursing care for clients who are recovering from surgery and require multiple interventions which may include RN assessment, surgical site care, dressing changes, medication management, and treatments.

Our nursing team provides a complexity of services. These highly trained healthcare professionals strive to achieve clinical excellence in their field. Nurses keep in contact with the primary care physician and specialists concerning the client's progress.

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