The value of socialization in in-home elder care. Did you know that senior citizens with who are not actively connected in social settings are statistically nearly twice as likely to die as socially connected elders in a given time frame? The fact of the matter is social interaction is an essential part of leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Routine social interaction with peer and interest groups, family and friends can reduce a senior's risk of sub-clinical depression and stroke. Furthermore, a vibrant social life can greatly increase the overall quality of a senior's life. Sharing ones interests and hobbies with others, reminiscing over the virtues of yesteryear and discussing the challenges of today, or simply just having a group of friends who care for them can built a vital sense of community and have a dramatic affect on an elderly individual's attitude and outlook on life. Sadly, many seniors view such important social interactions as burdensome for their care givers and not worth the hassle involved in getting to and from them. Low self esteem and the feeling that the can no longer contribute to society all too often drives seniors to resign to living a lonely and isolated existence in their golden years.

Community Care's overview of socialization services. Community Care has a solution to this disheartening circumstance. Companions and certified home health aides can empower your loved one to discover the psychological and physical health benefits of participating in a social community. Our dedicated in-home care professionals will take an active interest in your loved one's life. We can provide encouragement to reconnect with old friends, pursue interests and hobbies, become involved in fraternal and spiritual congregations and develop healthy routines of social interaction. Companions and Certified Home Health aides can facilitate transportation giving careful consideration to the special needs of disabled or particularly fragile individuals. Your loved one's companion can offer friendly reminders of the times and dates of up coming social engagements, enabling senior who suffer from memory loss to enjoy participation in organized groups.

Health benefits of leading a well-balanced lifestyle as a senior. Your loved one can reap the benefits of a well balanced lifestyle. The onset of sub-clinical depression, related to an elderly person's withdrawal from social interaction as mobility issues take affect on his or her life, is a serious issue facing our older generation. Nearly 2 million adults over the age of 65 suffer from depression and the health implications are startling. The onset of depression increases a senior citizen's chances of suffering a debilitating stroke by 73%! Furthermore, studies released by the National Institute of Mental Health have found that even mild bouts of depression can increase the rate of bone mass loss and hasten the onset of Osteoporosis in women. Researchers believe this is due to an imbalance in the immune system directly related to depression. Depression has also been linked to a degradation of immune system response by researchers at Ohio State University. This means that a depressed senior is far more likely to become ill than one who leads and active and socially engaged lifestyle. Since illnesses as minor as a common cold can progress into serious conditions such as pneumonia in the elderly, a lack of social interaction must be treated as seriously as other health issues. The consequences of a senior's reclusion into their own home are clearly devastating, but the solution is simple to remedy this situation. A focused and deliberate effort to encourage your loved one to socialize can combat depression and mitigate these issues before they become realities. A companion can enable your loved one to freely pursue those relationships so vital to their physical and mental health.

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