The responsibility of providing full or part time in-home care for a senior citizen is a task which requires the utmost in dedication, reliability and at times self-sacrificing commitment. If you are currently the primary caregiver for an elderly parent, grandparent, relative or spouse, you can appreciate the scope of the responsibility. In-home care also requires a significant amount of knowledge regarding the challenges and specialized requirements that come with old age. Community Care offers you a way to ensure your loved one is getting the quality of care that will empower him or her to lead a healthy, safe and enjoyable lifestyle in the home which he or she has worked so long and hard to attain.

Our experienced companions go through training seminars specifically designed to prepare them to recognize and meet the unique challenges which face senior citizens. As a company, we at Community Care encourage our in-home care providers to keep themselves updated on the latest research findings associated with common elderly health, safety and quality of life issues. Companions are knowledgeable and compassionate individuals who take pride in offering your loved one the highest quality of live-in home care available. Community Care's compassionate, caring and professional in-home care providers undergo a rigorous background investigation, to ensure the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness in the people we hire for companion positions. All applicants are all legal United States citizens and are screened through the Anti-terrorism Patriot Act and national criminal history databases. We also conduct credit checks to ensure our employees demonstrate a clear level of responsibility in their personal and financial lives. All of this is done to give you the peace of mind that your loved one's companion is receiving quality care from competent and knowledgeable professionals.

Community Care can provide any combination or all of the following services:

. Driving assistance
. Activities
. Respite care
. Meal preparation
. Special event planning
. Socialization
. Hygiene assistance
. Medication assistance and reminders
. Vacation assistance
. Shopping assistance
. Light housekeeping assistance

Maintain your loved one's quality of life. Sadly many seniors who end up loosing their independence and having to reside in nursing home and assisted living facilities could have lead active and fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own home. Often all these seniors need is a caring helping hand to assist them in the everyday tasks life presents. Community Care can be that helping hand and enable your loved one to maintain their sense of independence and place in their neighborhood and community.

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