I would like to commend Community Care Companions. You have been wonderful to work with. Your company has been responsible and dependable. Your overnight care nurse has been very good company. We've spent evenings laughing and enjoying eachother's company.

- Jim Paradise

Your Live-in Care nurse, Tameka, is fabulous. She's patient, kind, yet a force to be reckoned with. She is ideal for dad.

- Rosemary Blascetta

I just wanted to inform you of the great job your companion care worker, Doris, is doing. She has won the confidence and trust from my mother, which is a very difficult task. In years gone by, she would insist on handling everything herself and that "no one was coming to my house." Doris has broken down all of those barriers with her style, grace and ecellent care. My mother can be a tough cookie once in a while, but Doris is always able to get her to do the things she needs to do, such as attending a critical neurologist appointment. So, I wanted to commend her good work, and to extend a "thanks from the Brown family for a job well done."

- The Brown Family

I want to take a few moments to thank you for the excellent and professional companions who provided services to Barbara S. Nash from November of 2007 to January of 2009. You became the team that dealt with her every day activities of daily living, and gave her the warmth and comfort in her own home, that she requested in her living will. A special note of appreciaciation to all of her in-home care givers. Marge and Nicole were with Barbara in the hospital at her bedside when she passed away. They provided her an easy passage with their heart-felt love and gave Barbara the dignity that she deserved. Thank you very much for helping me, and for giving Barbara the best possible support and fulfillment of her last wishes. I also want to thank you for allowing for necessary changes in the care plan, working out rapid changes of personnel when needed, and for the general oversight of Barbara's home care during her last 15 months.

- Elizabeth Eggleton, PH.D., MPA

Thank you for the excellent care and kindness given by your employee, Jackie, during my recent surgical recovery period. I would highly recommend her and your agency, as 'A-Number-1' for helping home-bound people. Please continue your service with good, caring people and I'm sure you will gain in reputation for being the best!

Ronnie Amato

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